Thursday, 31 May 2012

Computers I have seen and used!

This post shows my age - but also my involvement across the past 50 years!  Here are a few of the "oldies but goodies", that I've used over the years!

Apple 11E - mid 1980s my first PC and the beginning of a love affair with apple!!!

Card punch machine, back in the 1970s to start the mid range computer we had implemented we needed to punch cards with date and time!!!!  Also when implementing a stock budgeting system, all my instructions needed to be keypunched.  If I changed a shipping date, quantities etc, I was taught how to punch a replacement card to be sent away for reprocessing!

early 1970s punch tape used to input data from accounting reports

A teletype machine for ordering products / sending orders overseas!!!  My first "email" experience - mid 1960s - but I needed to hand write first and then give to the typing pool to send!!!

DEC - PDP11 - my first experience with a mid range computer!!

IBM 360 - when I first saw one of these in the late 1960s, I wanted to become a programmer - until a very clever 'pupil master" said to me that programmers were simply the factory fodder of the future - better to become an analyst - or even better continue your studies as an accountant!

National 32 - during the 1970s and into the 1990s I would employ bookkeepers if they had national 32 / accounting machine experience  - you could almost guarantee that they were / or would make fantastic bookkeepers!!!

My first portable a twin floppy Olivetti M21 with Lotus Symphony - I thought that I had gone to heaven!!!  This was stolen from my office - the replacement was a 10mb hard disk + 1 floppy - amazing!

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