Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Facebook and me!

First impressions

It's been interesting so far.  I started a Facebook account, linked in with a few friends and started.  First impressions - definitely not my demographic / or is it just me.  So many advertisements, zillions of people who are friends of friends that just appear and want to be added / can't delete!!  Is it a competition to add people so you can spam zillions of comments?

Don't get it so far, but still willing to persevere - any hints?  Communicating with a few friends who use FB on a frequent basis.  I'm really careful with my privacy settings and my posts!

I really wonder if FB will ever / can ever be monetized?  I know you need to take the long term approach to new share issues, but it is obvious that FB is just not taking off with the mum and dad investors / well yet anyway!

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